About Miki hardware


The material breathes

As a result of our dedication to manufacturing products
that meet our needs in all ages,
we have created the unique charm of Miki hardware.
That is, the hardware produced by Miki blacksmiths
is made with familiarity with the properties of wood and materials.
The cut end of the Miki hardware tool is so smooth
that it doesn't require finishing work
that it's worth saying that the material breathes.

Banshu Miki Uchihamono(forged cutlery)is a metalwork product made around Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Like Shinshu Uchihamono and Tosa Uchihamono, Banshu Miki Uchihamono are known as crafts made using a technique called "forging" that is made by putting them in a mold, and also as a large production area for cutlery in Japan.
The characteristic of Banshu Miki Uchihamono is that a wide variety of cutlery are still made by the old-fashioned manufacturing method.
From daily necessities such as knives, chisels and planes to tools used for construction, various things are carefully made one by one by craftsmen.

Miki hardware is an important product of the city and accounts for about 30% of the total shipment value of industrial products in Miki city.
The hardware produced in Miki, Hyogo Prefecture is shipped nationwide, and Miki's specialty is the craftsmen tools and hand saws, which have a nationwide share of about 17%.
In the background of producing high quality, in addition to refining the traditional "Tatara ironmaking method" technology that has been passed down in the history of about 400 years, we are actively incorporating new technology to innovate.
It is in what I have been doing. Through these technological innovations, we are not only producing traditional carpentry tools, but now we are producing a wide range of products such as various hardware products such as tools for metal processing and new tools for building materials.
Of the Miki hardware products, saws, chisel, planes, trowels, and knives are also designated as national traditional crafts.

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About the hardware eagle

The hardware eagle, a symbol of Miki hardware, dates back to 1933. Miki Town (currently Miki City) was hit by a large flood in 1952, and the Minou River was also flooded and suffered great damage. At that time, it was heard that there was a proposal to make a hardware eagle as a symbol of reconstruction.