Miki Industrial Cooperative


Miki Industrial Cooperative Association
was established on October 2, 1987.
With Miki convenient equipment craftsman's tools Industry Cooperative
(established on April 1, 1947) Miki Saw Industry Cooperative
(established on May 28, 1948) It was launched by a merger.

Introducing the union

As of April 1,2022,the number of union members is 132.

From the current Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on April 8, 1996, the five items of saws, chisel, planes, trowels, and small knives are "Banshu Miki Uchihamono", which have been designated as traditional crafts as Mikiknives and make use of traditional craftsmanship, are loved by professionals.

On the other hand, it is indispensable for electric tip tools, work tools, safety protective equipment, DIY and agricultural and horticultural related products that have become a part of lifestyle, and the welfare society of the 21st century due to changes in construction and construction methods. The number of business establishments that manufacture nursing care products is increasing.
We also respond to requests for blade sharpening and repair of various blades. For hardware and tools, please contact the Miki Industrial Cooperative Association.

[Name] Miki Industrial Cooperative

[Chairman] Shouzou Okajima

[Address] 2-1-18 Honmachi, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture 673-0431

[Telephone] TEL 0794-82-3154 / FAX 0794-82-3188

Overview of union business

For the promotion and development of Miki hardware, we are implementing the following projects to promote technology and improve the economic status of union members by providing information based on the spirit of mutual aid of union members.

  • Employment insurance application procedure
  • Tax withholding tax guidance
  • Guidance on labor management (implementation of special health examination)
  • Providing information
  • Promotion of activities of each subcommittee 5 subcommittees (saw, chisel, plane, trowel, knife)
  • Strengthening the development of youth department activities
  • Steel Materials Science Course
  • Design Study Group and Technology Study Group
  • Implementation of status survey
  • Promotion of traditional craft industry
  • Inspection workshop (wood carving workshop, laminated wood workshop, etc.)
  • Inspection of construction site and round-table conference with contractors
  • Round-table conference with hardware wholesalers
  • Participation in "Hardware Festival" and exhibition at each exhibition hall
  • Joint purchase of auxiliary materials, etc.
  • Activities of each committee (4 committee organizations)

Union history

■ April 1, 1947
Established Miki craftsman's tools Industry Cooperative

■ May 28, 1948
Established Miki Saw Industry Cooperative

■ October 1, 1987
Miki craftsman's tools Industry Cooperative and Miki Saw Industry Cooperative have jointly established as "Miki Industry Cooperative" and continue to the present day.

■ October 1, 1990
Established Miki Industrial Cooperative Youth Department

■ April 8, 1996
Received designation as a traditional craft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (at that time = Ministry of International Trade and Industry) as "Banshu Miki Uchihamono"

■ February 29, 2008
"Miki Hardware" regional brand trademark registration

Qualification of union member

Being a business operator that produces or processes tools, cutting tools, hand saws, work tools, electric tools, agricultural and gardening tools, machine tools, and other hardware, and a manufacturer that accompanies them.

■ Composition by vendor (as of May, 2022)
Union member132
Plane base2
Water sharpning2
Gymlet, welding6
Machine blade2
Work tools1
Agricultural and gardening tools9
Metal products8
Forging, press6
Plating, heat treatment3
Machinery tools9
Outside the plastic8