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Nishigaki Industrial .Co., Ltd.

Nishigaki Industrial .Co., Ltd.
Challenge to create new value ... Since its founding, Nishigaki has contributed widely to society by sending out a number of metal products that meet the needs of society. With the product that is indispensable to the social infrastructure of edge tools as the basis of the business, we will open up new businesses based on the manufacturing technology and promote diversification by creating products with unique characteristics, and the trend of the times. We will work to create new products and systems that contribute to the development of society, and to develop creative technologies. Product composition: Kisuke forged scissors series, High branch cutting scissors (Nobi Nobi) series, Thick branch cutting scissors (Futomaru) series, Pruning shears (Kariyoshi) series, Pro 200 (pruning, bud cutting, leaf cutting scissors) series, Kisuke (planting shears) series, household scissors, harvesting scissors series, various special leather cases, pruning saw (pruning one shot) series, pruning club, electric high branch cutting scissors (Raku Raku branch cutting) series, air pruning shears, engine compressor polishing machine We have a large lineup of products such as (Easy blade sharpening / Easy 8P) series, crusher (crushing boy / crushing professional) series, and other tools.

Company overview

Company name Nishigaki Industrial .Co., Ltd.
President Hiroshi Itatani
Address 673-0404 500 Omura, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-82-1000
FAX 0794-82-4844
Nishigaki Industrial .Co., Ltd.


高枝切りハサミ4点セット 粉砕ボーイ カンタン刃研ぎ らくらく枝切り 木助 鍛造鋏 9点セット
商品名 高枝切りハサミ4点セット 粉砕ボーイ カンタン刃研ぎ らくらく枝切り 木助 鍛造鋏 9点セット
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