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Hishika Industry Co., Ltd.

Hishika Industry Co., Ltd.
We mainly manufacture hand-pulled saws. We complete the integrated process from material selection to quenching, tempering, polishing, strain removal, sharpening, finishing, etc. in-house. The products are made with the utmost care to meet the demands of professionals. ""NOKOYA"" Hishika Kogyo Co., Ltd. ""Overview"" In 1921, Shunji Kanzawa manufactured swords, in 1947 after the war, Toshio Kanzawa founded the saw manufacturing industry, and in 1970, Hishika Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established. After that, Shunsaku Kanzawa was appointed as the representative director in 1993, and continues to this day. We mainly manufacture professional hand saws for carpenters, fruit gardening, mountain forests, etc., pursuing the original sharpness of blades, and consistently manufacturing in-house from quenching to final finishing under strict quality control. ""NOKOYA"" Hishika Kogyo Co., Ltd. ""concept"" ""Enjoy the joy of having a tool and the sharpness of that tool"" is the origin of ""manufacturing"" by Hishika Kogyo Co., Ltd. In order to maximize the original sharpness of the blade, we make ""saws"" that are thoroughly focused on sharpness and pulling comfort, such as by hand quenching one by one. ""NOKOYA"" ""Product item"" of Hishika Kogyo Co., Ltd. Double-edged saws / single-edged saws for professional carpenters, pruning saws for fruit tree gardening, hand-curved saws / pruning saws for mountain forests, saws for crafts, saws for flower arrangement / twig cutting, saws for DIY, and various other hand-grinding saws

Company overview

Company name Hishika Industry Co., Ltd.
President Shunsaku Kanzawa
Address 673-0435 592-2 Takagi, Bessho-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo
Phone 0794-82-6820
FAX 0794-83-4127
Hishika Industry Co., Ltd.


「別所二郎作」替刃式両刃鋸  「プロンリー」替刃式改良片刃鋸 「別所二郎作」替刃式導突鋸 ホゾ挽鋸 「ヒシカ印」替刃式剪定鋸R刃 「菱加友吉作」山林用手曲鋸
商品名 「別所二郎作」替刃式両刃鋸 「プロンリー」替刃式改良片刃鋸 「別所二郎作」替刃式導突鋸 ホゾ挽鋸 「ヒシカ印」替刃式剪定鋸R刃 「菱加友吉作」山林用手曲鋸
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