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Nimura Woodworking Co., Ltd.

Nimura Woodworking Co., Ltd.
Use white oak, red oak, ebony, etc. to make small planes, large planes, and attach the base to the blade. I am a craftsman specializing in flat planes. It's been almost 40 years since I became the second generation. Based on our long experience of attach the base to the blad, we will make a plane block that is easy for everyone to use. We choose the best base and take the time to prepare the base by hand as much as possible. We hope you will take this opportunity to use it once. We also have various plane.

Company overview

Company name Nimura Woodworking Co., Ltd.
President Masakazu Nimura
Address 673-0403 3-5-3 Suehiro, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-82-1786
FAX 0794-82-1786
Nimura Woodworking Co., Ltd.


木魂 70mm 収山 70mm 智恵 48mm 古鉋台打
商品名 木魂 70mm 収山 70mm 智恵 48mm 古鉋台打
価格 ¥