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Yasuhira Woodworks

Yasuhira Woodworks
We manufacture all kinds of chisel handle. Those who are particular about tools are also particular about handles. It is a business establishment for two parents and children who are good at such custom-made products. With the motto of "making better products" since its establishment in 1955, we are engaged in the business of chisel handle with the youngest son in the chisel industry in the 21st year and three-legged race. Our office focuses on general carpenter chisels, engraving chisels, ice chisels, and special chisels, and attaches handles to the tip of chisels carefully made by Miki and many area of production blacksmiths to transfer power to the best condition. Believing that "it works well and the sharpness of the chisel changes" with just one attachment of the handle, we focus on the invisible holes and grounding parts and lead to completion by focusing on the details. In addition, the blacksmith uses materials that have been naturally dried by the wind of the four seasons indoors for more than 3 years, and manufactures and attaches a handle that is carefully and delicately waxed (mirror finish and adjusted so that the falling ring sinks). In addition, we are responding to difficult requests as a separate tailoring chisel recently.

Company overview

Company name Yasuhira Woodworks
President Yoshitaka Yasuhira
Address 673-0402 160-1 Kasa, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-82-3454
FAX 0794-82-3454
Yasuhira Woodworks


別仕立て氷のみ荒掘り柄 イス氷のみ八角柄 黒檀追入れ鑿 黒檀ヤスリ仕上げ鑿
商品名 別仕立て氷のみ荒掘り柄 イス氷のみ八角柄 黒檀追入れ鑿 黒檀ヤスリ仕上げ鑿
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