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Atagoyama Industrial Co., Ltd.

Atagoyama Industrial Co., Ltd.
We process and sell steel materials for local hardware manufacturers. We always stock more than 500 tons of special steel for blades, stainless steel, and hardened band steel, and we strive every day to meet the needs of our customers while responding to small lots immediately. Steel department store Special steel materials (alloy tool steels, carbon tool steels, etc.), carbon steel materials (S50C, etc.), stainless steel materials, hardened strip steel ordinary steel materials (including cold-rolled hot-rolled, pickled, and surface-treated steel sheets)・ Other steel materials are in stock at any time. Intermediate processing We ship intermediate processed products to carpenters, plasterers, building hardware, and DIY (gardening, etc.) related manufacturers. Cut / pull / bend Laser processing, sawing, plasma cutting, etc. Shirring machine: Thickness 0.2-12mm Length 1300-2500mm Leveler cut line: Thickness 0.3-4mm Length 250-400mm 20 press machines from 45 to 200 tons including automatic feeder.

Company overview

Company name Atagoyama Industrial Co., Ltd.
President Hideyuki Kawahara
Address 673-0431 3-15-13 Honmachi, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-82-3300
FAX 0794-82-2465
Atagoyama Industrial Co., Ltd.


鍛冶屋(かじや)鍋 超家庭用厚板鉄板 超家庭用厚板鉄板W(ワイド) 鍛冶屋(かじや)小鍋 超家庭用厚板鉄板スーパースモール
商品名 鍛冶屋(かじや)鍋 超家庭用厚板鉄板 超家庭用厚板鉄板W(ワイド) 鍛冶屋(かじや)小鍋 超家庭用厚板鉄板スーパースモール
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