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Sakai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sakai Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jigs, labor-saving jigs, hydraulic chucks for NC lathes Raw nails (manufacturing quick nails. Unlike conventional raw nails, raw nails and quick nails can be attached with a single 8 mm cap bolt to shorten setup time. It is an epoch-making raw nail that can be made. Opened in Miki City in 1973 We are engaged in two industries: Machinery and Metal Parts Processing Division (Hydraulic Machinery / Construction Machinery) and Cardboard Packing Case Manufacturing and Sales Division. In particular, we manufacture and sell "quick nails" (simple nails) as our own products. This quick nail is a product that we devised to shorten the setup time in order to reduce the cost when processing parts. (Parent claws are shared inside and outside) NC machining for machining metal parts Marubutsu processing 15φ ~ 300φ Accuracy 1/100 ~ Square processing 10mm-600mm Accuracy 5/100- For paper containers and cardboard cases A type, B type, C type, up to die cutting Mechanical equipment NC lathe, NC milling machine, blade polishing machine A set of paper container manufacturing machines

Company overview

Company name Sakai Industrial Co., Ltd.
President Akinori Sakai
Address 673-0402 138-2 Kasa, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-83-7020
FAX 0794-83-7021
Sakai Industrial Co., Ltd.


クイックネイル親爪 クイックネイル子爪 (W)パッキングケース パッキンケース 商品用ケース
商品名 クイックネイル親爪 クイックネイル子爪 (W)パッキングケース パッキンケース 商品用ケース
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