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Wing Co., Ltd.

Wing Co., Ltd.
As a pioneer of building fasteners, we manufacture and sell building screws "screws". While bis are diversifying due to changes in housing construction methods and advances in housing building materials, we are suitable for housing building materials such as control panel bis, joist bis, heat insulating panel bis, and perchkle bis, as well as course threads for general-purpose products. We are working on the manufacture and sale of screws that are easy to install and that users can use with peace of mind. We want to be a company that gives joy and excitement to our customers!

Company overview

Company name Wing Co., Ltd.
President Keisuke Murotani
Address 673-0402 681-1 Kasa, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-82-1300
FAX 0794-82-1493
Wing Co., Ltd.