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Kaneshika Co., Ltd.

Kaneshika Co., Ltd.
Since its founding, we have been working on the manufacture of plastering trowels as a tool to be painted. Based on the know-how of flat plate processing technology cultivated over many years, we are working on the development of unique and idea-rich products such as plasterers, various saws, household knives, and interior decoration tools. In October 2005, the sister company Shingen Kogyo, which manufactures mechanical blades, and Kaneshika Kogyo, which manufactures plastering tools, merged to form Kaneshika Co., Ltd. We have been loved and nurtured by our customers by making use of the traditions and technologies that we have grown in Miki, but from now on, we will take advantage of the merger and work to create products that are more loved with stronger and higher quality technology, We aim to be a company that can contribute to society.

Company overview

Company name Kaneshika Co., Ltd.
President Isao Kaneshika
Address 673-0443 24 Tomoe, Bessho-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo
Phone 0794-82-1115
FAX 0794-83-2399
Kaneshika Co., Ltd.


福寿 ニュ―モルタル鏝 職人仕上 めちゃかる 静刃(セイバー)
商品名 福寿 ニュ―モルタル鏝 職人仕上 めちゃかる 静刃(セイバー)
価格 ¥