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Nakahashi Co., Ltd.

Nakahashi Co., Ltd.
A comprehensive manufacturer of blades for woodworking machines. The main products include corners chisel, grooving cutter , plane blades, 36 routers, bits, etc. Among them, while only corners dominate the domestic market, other products maintain high market share and high quality. We are taking on the challenge of developing products that meet all needs. We, Nakahashi Factory, were founded in 1955 in "Miki, a town of hardware" famous for woodworking tools, and have expanded our business in the field of industrial machine blades by focusing on wood processing by machines. Among our products that have blades for woodworking machines, electric tools, and blades for various industrial machines, the corners chisel, grooving cutter, woodworking cutters, electric canna blades, joiner blades, router bits, etc. are of high quality, high precision, and high quality. It has achieved durability, boasts a high market share in the domestic market, and has been exported to many overseas markets and has been well received. "As we enter the 21st century, we are making efforts to supply cutting-edge blades in all fields, including bookbinding, paper industry, and plastic processing, so that we can meet the needs of further users. We will take on the challenge of responding to requests for ""cutting,"" ""shaving,"" and ""drilling"" in all fields. For product introduction, please visit our website."

Company overview

Company name Nakahashi Co., Ltd.
President Hisashi Nakahashi
Address 673-0435 20 Takagi, Bessho-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo
Phone 0794-82-2212
FAX 0794-82-3434
Nakahashi Co., Ltd.