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Inoue Tool Works. Corp

Inoue Tool Works. Corp
Since its founding in 1911, we have mainly manufactured various chisel to this day. We handcraft high quality products one by one. Founded in 1911, we have always pursued really good tools, centering on the ""Magomitsu"" brand. Since then, we have been working on the main theme of ""quality"" against the background of the technological strength and trust cultivated in the tradition of 92. In the manufacturing process, we are striving to make higher quality products by adopting the ancient manufacturing method by craftsmen without being biased toward modernization. Furthermore, we will respond to user needs due to the evolution of technology by developing advanced products such as special forging. << Items handled >> Work tools, tip tools for electric and pneumatic pressure Building tools, various custom-made products, etc.

Company overview

Company name Inoue Tool Works. Corp
President Yoshio Inoue
Address 673-0404 397 Omura, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-82-0731
FAX 0794-83-3667
Inoue Tool Works. Corp


ブルポイント チスタガネ バール テコバール (エヤー用)ブレーカチゼル
商品名 ブルポイント チスタガネ バール テコバール (エヤー用)ブレーカチゼル
価格 ¥