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Ota Co., Ltd.

Ota Co., Ltd.
We manufacture and sell cross joint rollers, cloth brushes, putty,spatura, etc. for interior tools and paint-related tools. "We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of making tools related to interior tools (cloth tension). We manufacture and sell cloth rollers, brushes for stroking cloth, etc. from spatura." "( Spatula) Used for base putty. There are various types of putty such as golden putty, silver putty, tefun putty, and flex putty. Size 1.8 to 9.5 inches Stainless steel wrasse 4.8 to 9.5 inches" "(Roller) Used for wallpaper joint retainer. Duracon, urethane, stainless steel various rollers. Both special corner presser rollers and inclined rollers have bearings. (Brush) Use as wallpaper to bleed air." "One line brush, two line brush 10.7 inch each, hole opening, no hole other 13 inch, 15.5 inch, various pig hair used (High pitch file) Used to replace the sander after the base putty work. Size S70 × 170m / m M70 × 240m / m"

Company overview

Company name Ota Co., Ltd.
President Hideaki Ryusuke
Address 673-0443 35-5 Tomoe, Bessho-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo
Phone 0794-83-0133
FAX 0794-83-2533
Ota Co., Ltd.