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Tsunesaburo Co., Ltd.

Tsunesaburo Co., Ltd.
For 60 years after forging planes, we manufacture all kinds of planes, including large planes and special planes. In addition, we use 11 types of steel, from steel and carbon steel to special steel and high-speed steel, and are studying daily to make blades that make full use of old-fashioned forging and modern manufacturing methods. Banshu Miki Uchihamono(forged edge tool) Plane Craftsman We have been forging planes for more than 60 years, and based on the tradition of many years, we have been making continuous efforts to this day with pride and confidence. The late Tsunezaburo (Uozumi Tsunezo) was a butler from his grandfather and learned the mystery of the plane manufacturing method for 28 years. 1947 Established "Tsunezabro Airplane Manufacturing Co., Ltd." While pass on teaching the secret of the ancient plane manufacturing method to the successor, we have continued to research the modern manufacturing method. At the age of 13, my grandfather was a butler to Mr. Utaro Kurokawa, a former blade smith, and learned the technique of plane making using the secret method of Japanese sword smithing. We can't help but believe that it is the benefit of our grandfather who has continued to rigorously pass on secret teachings the mystery that we have reached today.

Company overview

Company name Tsunesaburo Co., Ltd.
President Toru Uozumi
Address 673-0433 2151 Fukui, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-82-5257
FAX 0794-82-0585
Tsunesaburo Co., Ltd.


迷悟両忘(めいごりょうもう) 五壽年(ごじゅうねん) 丹生山(たんじょうさん) 酒壷(みき) オリジナルTOOL
商品名 迷悟両忘(めいごりょうもう) 五壽年(ごじゅうねん) 丹生山(たんじょうさん) 酒壷(みき) オリジナルTOOL
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