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Shimizu Factory. Ltd.

Shimizu Factory. Ltd.
We manufacture products for professional users centered on "Camel Mark" electric tip tools and products for general users centered on "Montblanc Mark" gardening products. Shimizu factory Co., Ltd. is making wholeheartedly so that good products can be used for a long time. And every day we strive for ""manufacturing"" that makes our customers happy. Our business is to manufacture and sell "camel" brand tools for professionals, "Mont Blanc" brand gardening products, and general household products such as kitchen knife sharpner. There are electric tip tools such as camel brand, work tools such as flat chisel, carpentry tools, under water polishing device, engraving blade sharpner such as electric wood carving machines, stone tools with cemented carbide, etc. The Montblanc brand includes gardening products such as weeding first, transplant scoops, grass shavings, rake, and groove cleaning, household items such as holders that are attached to the back of kitchen knives to fix the sharpening angle, and simple kitchen knife sharpeners, foamed styrol cutters, etc. There are ecology products such as hobby supplies and empty can presses.

Company overview

Company name Shimizu Factory. Ltd.
President Motonari Shimizu
Address 673-0404 590 Omura, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-82-1195
FAX 0794-83-6116
Shimizu Factory. Ltd.


ブルポイント・コールドチゼル チスタガネ・平タガネ 彫刻用刃物とぎ機 包丁とぎ器関係 移植スコップ関係
商品名 ブルポイント・コールドチゼル チスタガネ・平タガネ 彫刻用刃物とぎ機 包丁とぎ器関係 移植スコップ関係
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