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Kanaguchi Co., Ltd.

Kanaguchi  Co., Ltd.
We mainly manufacture hand hooks used in fish markets nationwide, the finest hackers selected by professional rebar workers, and chopsticks for serving used by top cooks. History of Kanaguchi Factory: Established as a Hyogo hand hook maker in Hyogo Ward, Kobe City in 1929, and later moved the factory to Miki City, where he was born, and organized it as a corporation in 1963. Various types of hand hooks: Mainly manufactures hooks used in fish markets nationwide. Inheriting the techniques of traditional blacksmiths, we manufacture "Hyogo hand hooks" with the "Hishikaneka" mark. A hand hook maker that sends out products through integrated work between the forging department and the woodworking department (the only one in Japan). We also offer products using new technologies such as stainless steel hooks. Hacker: A tool used to connect reinforcing bars with a binding wire. The finest hacker chosen by professional rebar workers. We are constantly providing new products that meet the needs of users based on new ideas. Chopsticks for serving: The final finishing touch to Japanese cuisine is arrangement. "Mori chopsticks" appear there. We manufacture the finest products that meet strict conditions such as "the sense of unity between the body and the pattern," "balance," and "the delicacy of the tip," which are selected by top cooks. In addition to stainless steel, the main body is made of titanium, and the handle is made of magnolia obovata, black plywood, ebony, acrylic, and many other original products.

Company overview

Company name Kanaguchi Co., Ltd.
President Yasuji Kanaguchi
Address 673-0444 56 Higashi-Tadada, Bessho-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo
Phone 0794-82-0349
FAX 0794-82-7896
Kanaguchi  Co., Ltd.


各種手鈎 ステンレスシーフック ヒシカネカハッカー 21Cハッカー ステンレス盛箸・チタン盛箸
商品名 各種手鈎 ステンレスシーフック ヒシカネカハッカー 21Cハッカー ステンレス盛箸・チタン盛箸
価格 ¥