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Tsumura – Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Tsumura – Kogyo Co., Ltd.
As a comprehensive manufacturer of circular saws and tipped saws for mowing and woodworking, we continue to make "quality products" that please our customers. If you have a request for a special circular saw or tipped saw, please feel free to contact us. The latest manufacturing equipment controlled by the heart and computer of the craftsman cultivated in the hardware town "Miki". Tsumura's technology is one of the fusions. Tsumura is a brand of "Kakubatojirushi", and as a comprehensive manufacturer of tip saws and mowing blades, it is spreading to the world with the motto "Making high quality products".

Company overview

Company name Tsumura – Kogyo Co., Ltd.
President Shingo Tsumura
Address 673-0443 46 Tomoe, Bessho-cho, Miki-shi, Hyogo
Phone 0794-82-0771
FAX 0794-82-5509
Tsumura – Kogyo Co., Ltd.


木工用チップソー 電動丸のこ用 木工用チップソー 窯業系サイディング(不燃建材)用チップソー 草刈刃 草刈用チップソー
商品名 木工用チップソー 電動丸のこ用 木工用チップソー 窯業系サイディング(不燃建材)用チップソー 草刈刃 草刈用チップソー
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