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Kanzawa Works Co., Ltd.

Kanzawa Works Co., Ltd.
We plan, manufacture, and sell road tools for professional use that are recognized by craftsmen around the world from DIY. We are engaged in the planning, manufacturing, sales and environmental utilization business of professional use tools recognized by professionals around the world, including DIY products, which are a local industry, and sports equipment. From the standpoint of our corporate philosophy of Kanzawa Iron Works, ""Practicing his manufacturing, which is grateful for reviving the earth, nature, and people's hearts,"" it is recognized by professionals around the world and has high added value. We have sent out products. Since its founding in 1900, we have been developing our business based on this corporate philosophy, and in 2000 we acquired ""ISO9001"" and provided ISO quality policy ""Customers are grateful, inspiring, and impressed."" All employees are working on the philosophy of ""continue to do"". It can be said that the fact that products created from a creative environment where individuals can freely demonstrate their abilities and sensibilities is excellent in ideas is backed by the fact that Kanzawa products have patents, utility models, and design registrations. .. We always maintain a spirit of challenge, and in order to realize our customers' dreams and creativity, we work hard on our work, actively reform ourselves, strive to enhance our spirit and abilities, and satisfy our customers. We will continue to provide value-added products.

Company overview

Company name Kanzawa Works Co., Ltd.
President Hidekazu Kanzawa
Address 673-0456 27 Torimachi, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone 0794-83-1100
FAX 0794-83-1104
Kanzawa Works Co., Ltd.


自由錐 B 自由錐 WF パワーピット No.2 L形ドライバー PRO-75 スピードコントローラー 15S
商品名 自由錐 B 自由錐 WF パワーピット No.2 L形ドライバー PRO-75 スピードコントローラー 15S
価格 ¥