Hyogo prefecture’s Miki city, which is famous for hardware, is located on the135 degree east longitude line between Akashi city (Japanese Standard Time City) and Nishiwaki city, Japan’s Belly Button. It was established as a city in July 1954, and is now a rural district industrial city. They say that Banshu Miki (the old name) has been a city of forging since old days. Miki city has prospered as the oldest city of forging, together with many traditions and histories.

Miki city has been developing in good harmony with the excellent skill which has been certified by this tradition, artisanship and frontier spirit of hardware wholesaler who has been a broker since Edo period. Besides, modernization and industrialization have been proceeding remarkably under influence of Port of Kobe and Hanshin District (Osaka and Kobe District) As the result of this, new products have been developed one after another. On the other hand, wholesale system has been changed into modernized trading company, and it is advancing in the world.